Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

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Thank You
Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach
for Sponsoring
Animal Care Camp!

Help our youth get to Animal Care Camp and experience what it’s like to have an awesome career with animals! 

This two-day overnight camp involves unique hands-on activities from professional animal care staff at Busch Gardens Tampa to give campers experiences with the different aspects of animal husbandry. 

Students will take a journey into the fascinating world of animals & their habitats.

Every day presents new opportunities to investigate the mysteries of the animal world; from some of the smallest to the very largest of creatures. Students make the acquaintance of two-legged & four-legged species, from rainbow-colored lorikeets to towering giraffes & a baby rhino. 

Campers will be encouraged to follow their passion and explore their skills with animals of all kinds.

Fundraising Goal- $10,000