Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

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Mission Statement

What is Community EXPO's purpose and why do we exist?

Community EXPO exists for 3 main reasons: 

1) To connect community services & businesses with all community members, as well as to provide resources and   connections for new or returning homeschooling families.                                                            

2) To showcase and support our budding youth entrepreneurs and artists.                                                                                                          

3) And to continue fundraising for our Community Homeschool Resource Center where families in the Greater Central Florida Area can come for classes, resources, lending library, curriculum, study space, and so much more. 

We believe that homeschooling involves the whole self and the whole family. If our focus seems broad and far reaching – that’s because it is. We aim to be the leaders in helping families meet their needs by being a landing point for resources and information based on the needs of our communities. From educational resources, to being the connection that can help point a family in need to the right social services, to being a safe place for study halls and meetings. 

Vision Statement

What problem are we seeking to solve and where are we headed? 

  • Homeschooling families in our area deserve to have places where they can set up classes, co-ops or meetings, check out homeschool-specific resources, have study space or look for information on other services their families might need. Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc. has had the same vision of this sort of space for several years now and is making strides to be able to bring this kind of Homeschool Resource Center to the Greater Central Florida Area. 

  • We have begun the process of looking into buildings and preparing to submit for a grant that will help us achieve the first step goal: to secure a building. However, there will be additional costs not covered by the grant such as maintenance, any renovations, furniture and supplies, installing a teaching kitchen, utilities, etc. Our goal with Community EXPO and other fundraising activities is to raise the money necessary to cover these on-going costs and to continue to provide quality programming for our member families as well as the community. 

  • In ten years’ time our Homeschool Resource Center will be the home base for Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc. Our center will serve ALL homeschool families in the Central Florida area. We will have homeschooling workshops for new families, a lending library of curriculum, electronics, computers, and other resources. We will have a fully equipped teaching kitchen, science lab, study hall sessions, and will provide affordable membership and/or rental space for other homeschooling groups, co-ops and families. We will also have the opportunity to offer educational and life skill coaching on site as well as portfolio evaluations. 

Values Statement

What values are unique to our organization and what guides us? 

  • What makes us unique is that we don’t just see the homeschooled child – we see the whole family unit and we have a passion for uplifting and supporting the family as a whole in whatever need they require. We are all part of the homeschool tribe. 

  • We are guided by our commitment to quality education, hands-on-learning experience, and supporting the homeschooling community. We know everyone comes from someplace different and we value the uniqueness of every individual. Our Leaders are all homeschoolers themselves, several with public school teaching experience, who want to be able to help our kids achieve their goals and dreams. 

For more information about Sponsorship, Becoming a Vendor, a Silent Auction Contributor & Event Informationplease click our links or follow the tabs under Community EXPO.