Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey....

This group was started with the intention of finding other families of color in the Central Florida area that were educating their children at home. A place for support, motivation, and comfort in sharing experiences unique to the black community and the education of our black children. Established for support, motivation, and hopefully enduring friendships. One Yahoo Group with one member, grew to 3, to 5, to now 25 plus homeschooling families and counting. We found that families were scattered throughout the state and that there was a strong need, not only in the state of Florida, but beyond. Families from areas throughout the U.S. began to find us, join us, and share, learn and grow.  

An Idea is Born

Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, a networking and support organization, founded by Rasheeda Denning in 2009, was created to serve the community by providing assistance with information about getting started homeschooling, networking/connecting veteran families with new families, recommending resources such as books, music, films, speaking information, curriculum, etc. 

To reach more people, Mrs. Denning decided to turn to Facebook. This Social networking has proven to be worth its weight in gold as it has connected our brothers and sisters as we share information with one another, and create bonds.

Sisterhood Abounds

Doing this job alone as the group began to grow rapidly proved to be daunting. Sisters came front and center with more than qualified talents, and joined ranks as Directors and Officers. Together we stand, as sisters, homeschooling mothers and wives, incorporating in 2016, to better meet the needs of our community.

2017 Rings in New Horizons

In 2017, Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. 

 We Build Community

In January 2019 we co-hosted our 1st annual Community EXPO in an effort to connect homeschooling families, community members, and youth entrepreneurs to businesses, organizations, colleges, and community resources. Our 2020 event was even larger! Community EXPO becomes a landing point for resources and information based on the needs of our community.  As part of our ongoing efforts to support homeschooling families, we continue to grow this event with help from our Community Partners, Sponsors, and Vendors.

2021 and Beyond
Our Vision For Our
 New Home

Partner with us and help make this dream a reality! 
Our Homeschool Resource Center will be the home base for both Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc. and Brilliant Minds 4-H Club. Our center will serve ALL homeschooling families in the central Florida area. We will have homeschooling workshops for new families, a lending library of curriculum, electronics, computers, and other resources. We will have a fully equipped teaching kitchen, science lab, study hall sessions, and will provide affordable membership and/or rental space for other homeschooling groups, co-ops and families. We will also have the opportunity to offer educational and life skill coaching on site as well as portfolio evaluations. Find out more on our Community EXPO page

A new school year is right around the corner. I'm sure you have a lot to think about and consider in terms of the kind of education you want your young warrior to have. 

To begin, ask yourself: what are my long term goals for my young warrior? 

This is a big question. 

I'm not going to suggest what those goals should be. (I don't care about other people's "shoulds".)

I would ask you to consider whether or not the way you are allowing your young warrior to be educated will help them achieve those goals you have or do they work against them?

For example, many of us want our children to be independent thinkers, but require 100% obedience to our whims. We want lifelong readers, but force books down their throats instead of allowing them to pursue books of their interest. We want children who know and love themselves, but privilege every subject mandated by someone else first. 

What are the long term goals you have for them?

Put them in the right environments and allow them to grow. And remember, "a plant, no matter how healthy, cannot survive in contaminated soil." 

Revolutionary love,

Baba Dr. Brotha Samori Camara

Finding out about Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida has been an amazing connection for our family. We've felt welcome and free to participate as much or as little as what works for our family. The highlights of being a part of this organization include, having access to so many resources and knowledgeable families, watching our daughter grow and develop friendships with amazing children, and I cannot express enough how good it feels to be amongst other Homeschoolers who look like us. We are so grateful to have found Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida.

The Bynes Family

I recently spent time with your organization in the preparation and capstone day of JA Biztown. Your organization had everything so well organized and I was very impressed with the level of detail. The instructors made the learning fun and my son was very excited about doing the work involved for his capstone day. He loved the experience on his capstone day so much and really wants to do it again. Thank you for your professionalism and for making this opportunity for my child fun and engaging. I look forward to joining you for other activities in the future.


Jessica Reehl

Back when I homeschooled my daughters, i was applauded for doing so in my community, but many didn't have the confidence to do so. Now I'm helping my daughters homeschool their children and immediately recognized the benefit of an active, vibrant group such as BHCFL which encourages, advances and celebrates black homeschools. And, in some instances, they are the only one providing that support. Be ready to participate, learn and grow with this organization!! Your students will thank you.

Pinky L.

Community is essential. Our family has been blessed by both the cultural and educational experiences provided by Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida. We look forward to monthly gatherings and insightful meeting opportunities.

I See P.

It has been a great experience meeting new people, taking my kids to visit different places and learning so much from other about homeschool. I am encouraged that bhcfl was started because I believe it will help me tremendously on my homeschooling journey

Nicole S. 6