Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

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Home Education is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance. Florida Laws protecting home education became effective in 1985. Parents have the freedom to determine their child's educational path and the plan for reaching their goals. Students have the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace, in any location or at any time. Home education students are able to enter institutions of higher learning and are eligible to participate in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

           Parent Workshops and Coaching

The ease of starting a homeschool does not always translate into the ease of running and/or maintaining a homeschool. BHCFL Parent Workshops provide Parent Educators the information and guidance needed in a 6-week workshop and yearly coaching, to ensure a rich, progressive learning experience, so that no homeschooled child will be left behind. 

If you'd like to join the Building B.L.O.C.K.S. workshop series to help you build your homeschool, click here to get signed up! 

Home Education District Contacts for 

Florida Counties!

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Each district has a home education contact who works with homeschooling families regarding home education programs.




Homeschooling in Florida

1. Submit your notice of Intent


2. Choose your Educational Approach


3. Maintain your portfolio


4. Submit an annual evaluation


5. Preserve your records


6. Submit your notice of     termination