Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.

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BHCFL's Tutoring & College Prep Program

Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, Inc.'s Tutoring and College Preparatory Program is an expansion of services that we offer under our Guests/Classes/Trips Program. These One on One and Group Workshop sessions include a year- long  K-12th personalized tutoring and college preparatory program that closes the achievement gap for underserved and minority homeschool communities. Our program objectives are to increase academic, college and career access and readiness, improve self-confidence, and increase test scores among students. This program embraces students from our homeschooling community who are either minority, struggling academically, or have a learning disability (ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum) and don’t have the monetary means to get the help that they so desperately need. 

This program is established to help give our students the ability to compete amongst their peers, make progress in their studies, and for those receiving coaching, that they are college and career ready. This program is developed in partnership with Education Revolution and Upchieve.

Classes begin on September 7, 2020 and end on May 3, 2021. 

Cost-Share for a Family of One Participating child is $50. 

Cost-Share for a Family of Two or more Participating children is $75. 

If you would like to sponsor a family for a semester, please TEXT "BHCFL" to 44-321 to DONATE 

Our partnership with Upchieve is giving us the opportunity to provide low-income students grades 8-12th with access to free, live STEM tutoring and college counseling support. 

Create an account at or by downloading the UPchieve mobile app for iOS or Android using the code "BHCFL".

How can I use this Tutoring Service? 

Example- If your child has an essay to write and needs someone to look over it and give pointers before they turn it in, great way to use this service. There is no video or audio for the safety of our students. It will be text/chat. Look at the pic below to see how the screen looks once you sign in and establish your account.

This service currently offers support in:

Math: Pre-Algebra through Calculus (up to AP Calculus BC)

Science: Biology (up to AP Bio) and Chemistry (up to AP Chem)

College Counseling

The coaches are all volunteers, so please: 1) wait at least 10 minutes after making a request to be connected with a coach, and 2) be respectful!


Get free, 24/7 STEM tutoring and college counseling by creating an account at or by downloading the UPchieve mobile app for iOS or Android using the code "BHCFL". If your child is young but taking highschool courses and can benefit from the free tutoring offered, please sign up and begin using the service. Let us know how it goes and if it's been helpful.